You Have Failed So Much, Why Even Bother?

Someone actually had the audacity to say these words to me.

I am not going to lie, that shit stung, but it did not falter me. It made me feel sorry for the person uttering said words.

Why did I feel sorry for them?

Failure is not a bad thing, it is a vital part of the process of success.

Only someone who is scared of failing would view failure as a thing to avoid.

Good for you, you are out there trying and fighting for your best life and version of yourself. Do not waste time listening to the haters who are putting in sixty percent and are fine with being ‘good enough.’

You cannot give up! I would rather die than give up on my challenges and struggles in life.

I know that with every misstep, breakdown or utter failure, I am getting closer to my goals.

Progress takes time. You go from wishing you can, to thinking you can, to knowing you can, to finally getting shit done. Thomas taught us that when we were six years old and the lesson is no less powerful at any age.

Playing it safe is for people are too afraid to fail because being willing to try means being willing to risk failing.

It does not matter if you succeed at something on your first, fourth, four hundredth or four millionth attempt at trying, what else are you going to do with your time? Why not try one more time?

I have learned who my tribe is and who is willing to root for me, no matter what.

I am just as grateful to have learned who is not here for me and is anchoring me down in life.

I have gained success, in a multitude of areas of my life.

I have gained many meaningful relationships.

I have learned that life is not about attaining the perfect composition of yourself, but rather trying your best, with the day you have in front of you.

One step back does not discount all the steps forward you have taken and never let anyone take that away from.

I write about issues that are near and dear to my heart, with the hope that my stories, experiences, and struggles may empower others:

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