Why Women Are Not Ready For Equality

If we really, truly wanted equality, we would have attained it by now.

Women do not want equality because it shatters our worldviews; there seems to be something to gain by keeping men dominant.

If women wanted equality, we still would not say things like, ‘I do not like working for a female supervisor.

If women wanted equality, we would not be calling other women ‘sluts,’ ‘bad mothers,’ or perpetually competing with one another.

Once we are ready for equality, we will see all women as part of our team.

Once we are ready for equality, we will stop comparisons, amongst ourselves and strengthen and lift each and every woman up.

Women, seemingly, prefer to be taken care of.

We pride ourselves in our roles as caretakers. You only have to go online to see women calling their partner their ‘king,’ if you would like to induce projectile vomit into your day.

Your king? Really? Really ladies? We need to quit worshipping men and elevating them to these levels of of unrealistic and unmet proportions.

On Father’s Day, while scrolling online, I saw so many women complimenting their husbands for waking up for night feedings with them, doing household chores or supporting their endeavours.

Why do we congratulate men for just being decent human beings?

We need to expect of men what we expect of ourselves.

We need to fawn over other women, the way we (currently) fawn over men.

Quit seeing other women as the competition. Quit seeing our success as limited and that only a few of us may rise to the top, because this ideology makes us selfish, in fear of losing our own personal successes.

Women are not the other. Women are the source of success for us all. We need to believe, trust and respect each other to make this world a world closer to what it should be.

I write about issues that are near and dear to my heart, with the hope that my stories, experiences, and struggles may empower others: amanlitt.ca

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