Why We Think Marriage Equals Success

3 min readJun 17, 2018

Its What You’re Suppose to Do…Right?

Go to school, check. Get a good job, check. Get married, check. Have children, check. Live happily ever after, check?

There seems to be an invisible formula for a successful life and marriage is a major requirement for said success. Marriage seems to be a life requirement, but for some reason, we do not reflect on the many issues with married life.

People praise marriage, like it is the solution to all of life’s problems. Like people will miraculously change, shedding all negative aspects of themselves, after exchanging vows.

Marriage changes nothing for the better and usually makes things worse, if there are problems to begin with.

Sometimes marriage makes people forget that relationships require daily effort; people get lazy after the “I do’s.”

We think marriage equals success because we think that the person has achieved some sort of life milestone. Getting married is not hard, almost any idiot can get married.

Marriage is work. Marriage is a business, but marriage does not guarantee happiness.




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