Why Men Need Marriage More Than Women

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Marriage inserts us into the machine. And if it benefits women substantially less than men, then it’s no surprise that so many of our marriage promotion messages are aimed squarely at them.

Women, from a very young aged, are conditioned to want to be married.

Attitudes toward marriage and other family-related roles have changed dramatically over the last several decades.

Men reap greater gains than women for virtually every outcome affected by marriage.

Women work now and still do over two thirds of the household (unpaid) work.

Women have more rights and opportunities than they have had in decades and yet they are less happy than ever in both absolute terms and relative to men. Marriage is part of why.

Many single, successful, smart and sexy women do not want to get married because they have too much to lose.

You have to sacrifice so much in marriage.

Single, successful women know what’s up, they are living their best lives and not picking up dirty underwear (unless its their own) off of the floor while doing it.

Single women are not sacrificing themselves just to be part of a societal construct which is outdated.

The ghosts of female subjugation haunt the halls of contemporary marriage, to the detriment of married women.

I am not anti-marriage; I am in a common-law relationship myself, but I am very clear on my personal boundaries as a women.

If I bake you a cake, it is not me trying to be ‘wifey-material,’ it is because I was craving cake and by proximity, you get to appreciate said cake.

Do not allow what society bombards us with to make you risk your own happiness. The greater the pressure you feel to do something, because everyone else is doing it, the greater you should challenge said pressure.

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I write about issues that are near and dear to my heart, with the hope that my stories, experiences, and struggles may empower others: amanlitt.ca

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