Why I am Perfectly Happy with My (Imperfect) Journey

5 min readOct 5, 2022

For the longest time, I was striving for perfection in all areas of my life and failing miserably.

I thought that happiness was only achievable after reaching perfection.

It took me decades to fully realize, believe and accept that happiness is not at the end of a completion of some goal.

Happiness does not come with a goal weight being achieved.

Happiness does not come with a marriage proposal.

Happiness does not come with a pregnancy.

Happiness does not come with a promotion.

Happiness does not come with a degree.

Those are all events, people, experiences and goals which I wrongly associated with the entrance tokens into a world of blissful happiness.

Happiness comes from building and living a life that you do not seek escape from.

Happiness comes from being content and at peace with your current state.

Happiness comes from trusting the process and knowing you have the power to achieve the goals you desire.

Happiness comes from realizing that withholding happiness until you are a better version of yourself is the most…




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