What is Anchoring You Down in Life?

What is pulling you down in life? What are your anchors? What is anchoring you and keeping you from where you want to be? What is dragging you down in life?

We all have anchors in life; things we feel we cannot rid from ourselves, but that is not necessarily true. Most of the anchors, which tie us down in life, are self-made or self-propelling. Most things in life you can overcome or outgrow.

Think about things, people or events in your life which do not bring you joy, opportunity or contentment. Why are they such large factors of your life? What keeps them in your life? How are you keeping them in your life?

Sometimes anchors can be really large, like a bad relationship, unfulfilling job or negative environment, but they are all surmountable. Think about what is holding your back or draining you of energy. What comes to mind? Does it feel like something you have the power to change?

Most things in life we have the power to change. We sometimes get so accustomed to our discomfort that it feels odd to try to remove it from our lives, or even scary. Sometimes the fear of the unknown, if that anchor did not exist, makes us work harder at keeping said anchor around.

This is why some people stay too long in a bad relationship, do just enough to not get fired from a job they dislike or never find a new place to live because the fear of the unknown is that you could end up in an even worse place than you are in now.

Removing anchors in your life does not necessarily mean removing people, places or things from your life. Sometimes removing an anchor is about: setting boundaries, saying ‘no,’ owning your space or finding your voice. In life, it is really easy to feel like a victim of circumstance; to feel like everything is happening to you and that you are not participating in any capacity. We are always participating in our lives. The very act of doing nothing is a very prominent action.

Whether you are actively trying to change your circumstance or passively accepting everything around you as permanent, we are all in the same boat. We are all trying to find happiness, success and comfort in our lives.

Think about things you would like to improve in your life. Think about people who could help you with said improvement. Think about ways you could self-educate yourself on the path you want to be further on. What could you be doing today to make things better for your tomorrow?

Do not overwhelm yourself. Write down your goal; it might be very large and seem daunting. Now, break it down. Break it down into years, months, weeks or days and see what you need to and can do today to get started on said improvement.

Maybe it is finding more time for your a personal project. Carve out sixty minutes and make strides on your endeavour. Maybe it is about your health. Go for a long walk this afternoon and listen to a podcast you have been meaning to listen to for awhile. Maybe it is to start saving for the future more. Sit down and create a reasonable monthly budget and organize your expenses.

Whatever the goal is, nothing is too large or cumbersome that it cannot be accomplished. We can accomplish (most) everything we want if we make time for it, respect the effort required and understand that most things take time, money and energy to come to fruition.

One of the best pieces of advice of my life came from an acquaintance of mine, while I was sitting in a Starbucks with my mother. I was lost in life and did not know how to rebuild my life because it felt like I was starting from scratch in every aspect of my identity. This acquaintance told me to simply take one step in one direction. Make one decision at a time and follow through with said decision. I did just that; as opportunities and the time to make decisions arrived, I made a decision and took one step in the direction of my decision. Eventually, over the years, when I look back at where I came from and where I am, it all started from one step in one direction.

The time will pass, as it always does, but the ability to rebuild does not ever expire. Everyday we have a chance to rebuild, renew or start from scratch and it is a blessing, which is (usually) disguised as a lot of hard work.

Enjoy your blessings and take that step.

I write about issues that are near and dear to my heart, with the hope that my stories, experiences, and struggles may empower others: amanlitt.ca

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