This article resonated with me so much. One of my last supervisors was exactly the person you are describing. They work in a prestigious post secondary institution, but do not even have a Bachelor’s Degree, which amazes me. When they got hired, I was part of the hiring committee and they talked a big ass game about how they were going to get their ‘true’ degree and do their Masters. Four years later and nada. Nothing.

I have never thought of the idea that these people feed off of our impostor syndrome and you’re so right! I have seen this person feed on other’s honesty and use it to their advantage and now my stomach is queasy thinking about it.

How do you deal with it? Doesn’t it drive you up the wall? I know it drives me up the wall for sure, but how do we mitigate it? Once we realize we have one of these monsters in our department, how do we funnel them out???

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