The To-Do List Trap

It happens to me almost daily; I overdo my to-do list. For some reason, in the early moments of the day, during the first hour of my day, I plan my items of most importance and I always, always add one, or five, things too many.

Are to-do lists beneficial or harmful?

Why do not I not just get these things done with or simply admit that I am never going to do them?

But….there is that time, when you eventually do cross off that item, which has been lingering for far too long.

Our mental energy is a far more limiting factor than time. We only have about three to six good hours of work in us each day.” — Christina Willner

The one thing that to do lists do is to help me accomplish goals by chipping away at long term wants.

To-do lists can help you do more and feel more accomplished in your day. We may, statistically have only three to six good hours of work in a day, but you can train your mind and body to rise above this.

Chunk up your day into hours and see what happens.

I write about issues that are near and dear to my heart, with the hope that my stories, experiences, and struggles may empower others:

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