The Secret to a Successful Life

How to Achieve a Life You Do Not Need to Escape



I think the ultimate goal in life is to create a life which you do not need to escape from.

You do not get the Sunday scaries.

You do not try to power through the week when it is only Tuesday because your ‘real life’ starts on Friday. Your real life is every moment of every day.

You do not mourn the expiring weekend when Saturday night is drawing to a close.

You are content.

You are happy with the journey of your life and are not chasing an unattainable eventual goal of the version of you who will feel happy with or who will ‘deserve’ to be happy.

How does this occur?

How do you create a life that you do not seek solace from?

It is from creating a life of balance.

Simple, but extremely difficult to create and sustain, but completely attainable and sustainable with the right mindset.

How do you build a balanced life?

Assess what you are spending too much and too little time at.

What do you spend too much time on?

Work? Television? Socializing? Family commitments?

Figure out what is getting too much of your time and how much time a balanced lifestyle would afford you for that event.

If you are working twelve hours a day and do not feel balanced, figure out how to change your work responsibilities to align with your lifestyle. Or, make the tough decision of finding a job that works for your life.

What do you spend too little or no time on?

Exercise? Love life? School? Passion projects? Organization? Meal prep and housework?

Figure out what you are not spending any time on or too little time on, and slowly, but consistently build them into your daily routine until habits solidify.




I write about issues that are near and dear to my heart, with the hope that my stories, experiences, and struggles may empower others.