The Conversation Hog: How to Snuff Them Out or Realize You are One

Are You the Socially Awkward Person Who Cannot Take a Hint?

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I think that we have all dealt with at least one person in our lives that simply cannot take a hint.

You feel trapped.

Typically, we appease this type of person’s requests because we feel sorry for them.

The problem happens when you try to cut them off and they indignantly ignore you and carry on.

The best thing to do in said situation is to assert your boundaries.

If they are a colleague, the best way to go about having this conversation is to speak with them privately.

Be assertive, but kind.

Sometimes the person you are dealing with is not a colleague, but a friend or family member and though you enjoy spending time with them, you sometimes do not like the topic of conversation.

You like this person and want to continue to see them regularly, but do not want to have to deal with the negative conversation anymore.

If you are not a direct person this will be a very hard thing to do, but I find being direct is the best way to deal with this.

There are certain seasons in life where we are selfish little hogs in conversations with our friends, family and colleagues.

If you find yourself always itching for your turn to speak, or impatiently nodding along as your friend talks, just waiting for your moment to hurl your pearls of wisdom, perhaps you are the selfish friend.

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