Thank you so much for your response. We are sisters in tragedy together! I have really considered the pen name angle, but my stubbornness screams ‘No’

I want to write and I have been careful about what I write. I have also researched and spoken to specialists about what is considered slander and how to write about your life, without fear of getting sued or something.

It all boils down to control Marley. They want to think that they can still control us and I refuse to be controlled. I refuse to be scared of this insignificant man anymore. The fact that he trolls away, reading every word I put out into the universe is awesome. Haters and lovers alike are still readers.

He is so busy following and searching my life, while I am simply living mine. Hate away, I say! Hate away. I have blocked all of his emails, and blocked him from all social media sites. Now he can yell and scream, but I will never know.

I write about issues that are near and dear to my heart, with the hope that my stories, experiences, and struggles may empower others:

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