Seven Minutes to My Perfect Body

My Journey with Weight Training

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Even the busiest person on the planet has seven minutes to spare; someone call Beyonce to confirm that fact.

I hate it so much that I would much rather go for a thirty minute run, than do my weight training.

I have been running for twenty years; my body does not fear the miles on the pavement, but it loathed the weights in the gym.

Finally, for the month of August, the first full month as a thirty-four year old, I decided to grow the hell up and knock this item off of my to do list of life.

I printed a calendar for the month of August and taped it to my fridge. Each blank box would be filled with check mark for weight training; weight training for the next thirty-one days.

On day one, the start was super slow. I did fifteen dead-lifts and fifteen squats, with a barbell.

On the second day, I already started bartering with myself.

I did not listen to the lawyer in my head. I begrudgingly put on my sweats and walked the ten feet to my condo gym. I know…my procrastination abilities are amazing, I can avoid a gym literally outside of my front door.

On the second day, I did thirty reps of each. It took me a total of fifteen minutes, including the time to change into my workout clothes.

Everyday, either before work or after, I kept at it.

The only reason I made it to day thirty one was because of the simplicity of my plan. One workout goal for the month, no running goals, no more, no less. It took almost no time at all, so my excuses did not work. By the end of the second week, I was able to do all of my reps in seven minutes flat.

Weight training also helped me with my other exercise.

Did I notice a great change? I am not sure, but I feel so much stronger than I did in July.

The real goal I realized is that for the past few years I have been wanting to do weight training, but have not. I have realized that each day of the month I had to barter with myself to do said weight training, which was seriously the biggest hurdle. The mind is tricky beast and she will trick you out of doing anything by saying you can do a double set tomorrow, it is a waste of time, you had a bad day or you deserve a day off.

The easiest thing to do was not listen to my brain and just not think. I had to do the reps, so I did the reps, but if I had thought about doing them….they just would not have gotten done.

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