Ribbon Cutter Leaders

5 min readDec 28, 2018

Get my hands dirty? Not me!

Do tedious work, which no one will ever know I did? No thanks!

Photo op? Sure, I have time for that.

Speech at the opening event? Oh yes, I can definitely be there, with bells on!

I call these people ribbon cutters and I am sure we have all worked for or with someone like this or know someone like this personally.

This person, who is seemingly so passionate about a project, starts delegating away all the tedious tasks, monotonous research and heavy lifting to whomever they can. If they cannot skirt the work, they blame others, saying that others are impeding the process of the project by not helping.

They do not listen, they only talk and they are exhausting because they think they know everything. The sad truth is, the most ignorant person in the room usually thinks they are the smartest and typically speak the most.

Be wary of these people.

They walk around with a sing-songy voice and appear to always have good intentions, but looks are (always) deceiving. They try to charm you and try to kindly cajole you into doing things, even though you may be refusing, they will not stop until you succumb.

They are the person that never calls, emails or check-ins, until they need something from you.

You know who I am talking about, out of the blue, all of sudden, you are getting messages from them nonstop, asking you how you are, that you two need to catch up and that it’s just been far, far too long.

Trap! It’s a trap! Run for the hills and do not look back because they are coming to get ya!

They do not understand the word ‘no’ and they will try to pester you into productivity.

Do not be bullied by this type of behaviour; we need to teach ribbon cutters how they can treat us.

They are the person who does not want to get down into the weeds of the work. They do not…


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