Most People Hate Their Bodies

Just Look at How They Treat Them

Sure, we spend a lot of time hating on our bodies. Scrutinizing, judging, hating, and loathing them, but most people do not even spend sixty minutes per day exercising their bodies.

Sixty minutes per day, sixty minutes where you increase your heart rate and focus your attention on your body, the true vessel within which you live your entire life, seems like too big a task for the average person.

We drink too much, eat too much processed foods, smoke too much, sit far too often, stress too much and simply ignore multiple warning signs our bodies give us on a regular basis.

  • We wait until that dull ache becomes a throbbing pain before we go to the doctor
  • We ignore that small rash until it has covered half of our back
  • We disregard the oncoming headache until we are in the fetal position cowering through a migraine

But it isn’t our fault, right? Just like we do not notice the crack in the ceiling from water damage until the damage has already been done, we ignore the hurt we inflict on our bodies until the only remedies for correction are dire.

Water, clean eating, consumption in moderation, daily exercise, proper rest and keeping anxiety and stress at bay will do a lot of the heavy lifting to get us through life healthily, but we scoff at these solutions.

If the solution is not instant, prescribed and easy, we do not want it.

There is a major difference between the simple solution in life and the easy one. The simple solution is to make your body a daily priority, so that it does not become a daily burden.

The simple solution is to make your body a daily priority, so that it does not become a daily burden.

The easy solution is to ignore your body until your body starts to bark at you like a rabid dog and then run to the nearest clinic demanding a surgery, medication or some instant gratification to your pain because you cannot live like this.

A friend of mine deals with chronic pain. They take pain medication every single day to simply get through the day and are at war with their body. They are young, but have the body of someone much older than their years.

They spend a lot of their time sitting. They spend a lot of their time talking about getting back into shape. They spend a lot of their time buying gadgets and gizmos to help them get back into shape, which they all end up in their basement after a couple of weeks. They spend lots of time talking about eating healthy, once all the crap is cleared from their fridge.

They have a lot of lofty goals, but no real gameplan to getting healthier.

They criticize and judge people who make their health a priority and say if they had more free time they could too, yet they always seem to have the time to watch every new episode of The Voice and never miss a party on the weekends.

They understand their body, but the knowledge they have does not compute with the body they have, so they think the problem must be bigger than diet and exercise. They do not think they have a poor diet. They think that they are exercising enough. They feel they have exhausted all the effort they can in regard to their health problems and now it is up to a medical professional to intervene.

However, if you spend time with them, you see their eating habits and exercise routine. Every day some dilemma comes up, which makes a greasy takeout for dinner a necessity, not a want. Every day some event drums at the door, which makes exercise their last concern, but do not worry, they plan to double up tomorrow and spend two hours at the gym.

Every day takes over with unexpected stresses and activities because, like their health, they have taken little control over their life, so they are simply reacting to everything happening around them.

Yoga helps me with my stress, anxiety, depression, aches and pains from a desk job and flexibility.

I told them that I rarely injure myself from other activities, typically feel great and I owe it all to my regular yoga practice.

They laughed at me and told me that, ‘Yoga is not the cure-all for everyone okay. It is just something hippy-dippy people, like you, think is the go-to solution.’

I stared at them and was honestly shocked. Their ability to mock and ridicule a health practice, which has been around for thousands of years, and whose benefits have been proven, time and time again, was some hippy-dippy thing I partook in was alarming. I was not offended by their comments, but I did feel sorry for them.

If I can fix my body with my body, that is the best solution in the world.

I felt sorry for them because when I am in pain and someone recommends a free, self-directed, medication-free solution to the problem I jump on it right away.

If I can fix my body with my body, that is the best solution in the world. Other people do not see it that way.

  • They want their problems to be big and dramatic, so that others will see them and feel sorry for them
  • They want their problems to be unmanageable by them, so that they cannot be blamed for abusing their bodies for decades

They do not want to be the source of the problem, but unless you are dealing with a medical issue that is not brought along by poor diet and exercise, who else is there to blame?

Sixty minutes of exercise a day can be a lot when you are first starting out, but once you have created a habit of it, those sixty minutes become your favourite hour of the day.

You will find yourself willingly adding time to your exercise routine, checking out new classes and making exercise a part of your social routine because you love the outcomes of it so much. It is not easy, but it is simple; find something you enjoy doing, which increases your heart rate and is good for your health and practice it regularly.

You have to choose to make the right decision, multiple times a day, each and every day. It can be tiring to pack your lunch every morning before work, but you know that the options at the food court will be too tempting, so you make the simple decision to take your packed lunch with you.

You know drinking eight glasses of water a day keeps you running to the loo each hour, but it also keeps you headache free, so even though the easier solution is to not drink water, the simple solution to keeping your headaches at bay is to stay hydrated.

Make the right choices. Start small, but start today. Do not wait until after the holidays or weekend, do something really good for yourself today. We would never keep running our car without oil and be surprised if it shut down on us, so do not expect magic from your body, when you are not respecting its needs as well.

I write about issues that are near and dear to my heart, with the hope that my stories, experiences, and struggles may empower others:

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