Most People Hate Their Bodies

Just Look at How They Treat Them

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We spend so much time, money and energy on our houses, vehicles, and clothing but not nearly as much time, money and energy on taking care of our physical bodies.

We are all too busy to exercise, right?

We disrespect the shit out of our bodies.

Water, clean eating, consumption in moderation, daily exercise, proper rest and keeping anxiety and stress at bay will do a lot of the heavy lifting to get us through life healthily, but we scoff at these solutions.

If the solution is not instant, prescribed and easy, we do not want it.

The simple solution is to make your body a daily priority, so that it does not become a daily burden.

They have a lot of lofty goals, but no real gameplan to getting healthier.

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I once told this person that yoga alleviates almost all of my health issues.

If I can fix my body with my body, that is the best solution in the world.

I felt sorry for them because when I am in pain and someone recommends a free, self-directed, medication-free solution to the problem I jump on it right away.

They do not want to be the source of the problem, but unless you are dealing with a medical issue that is not brought along by poor diet and exercise, who else is there to blame?

Sixty minutes of exercise a day can be a lot when you are first starting out, but once you have created a habit of it, those sixty minutes become your favourite hour of the day.

Spending time each day to drink and eat a healthy diet requires mental strength, organization and planning.

Make the right choices. Start small, but start today. Do not wait until after the holidays or weekend, do something really good for yourself today. We would never keep running our car without oil and be surprised if it shut down on us, so do not expect magic from your body, when you are not respecting its needs as well.

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