It is Easier to Give a Shit Than Not

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It is excessively easy to care about what everyone around you thinks of you, but it is infinitely harder to stop giving a shit what anyone thinks, other than yourself.

I am on the journey of not giving a shit.

It is all about priorities people.

The creepy thing is that this will piss a lot of people off…a lot.

Do not worry, if they were meant to be the next Steve Jobs, you will definitely not stand in their way.

I have stopped giving a shit if my floors are clean.

I have stopped giving a shit if I look busy all of the time at work.

If everyone loves you, ask yourself if you love yourself.

I have stopped giving a shit if people like me.

I am no longer a slave to the scale.

Learning to stop fretting and start living can be hard.

Nobody is an overnight success at anything, but we can start being better to ourselves starting today. We can be better to ourselves by giving a shit about our own needs first, before trying to appease the masses.

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