Is Your Partner the Butt of All of Your Jokes?

Why it is easier to jokingly complain about your relationship, rather than spending that energy fixing the problem?

It takes two hands to clap. It takes two to tango. It takes two people to make a relationship work or for it to fall apart.

We complain about our partner to our friends, family and co-workers. We complain to (seemingly) be humorous, to vent and blow off steam, or to dissect a real problem in a lighthearted way, to diminish its significance, but sometimes this continual complaining creeps into our daily routine and becomes a habit.

How often do you complain about your partner? What is the goal or purpose of complaining about them behind their back?

Speaking negatively about your partner should not be a regular occurrence in your life and if it is, there are issues you two need to sort out together.

Your partner is the only one in a position to help you with your problem because they (seemingly) are the source of said situation.

Try talking to them positively and openly about your concerns.

From time to time, we all complain about an issue we are having with our partner, but it should not be a daily, or weekly event. Even if all the jokes are meant in good humour, be careful what you say because it is a slippery slope, before you find yourself in a self-made environment, infested with resentment.

Years of complaining, about the same issues; it’s sad and unhealthy. It’s not fair to them or their partner. It always makes me wonder why the individual stays with their partner, if they having nothing good to say about them.

Staying in a shitty relationship makes you look like a fool, lazy or weak. Unless there is abuse or a serious reason why you cannot leave, do not make yourself into a victim because you do not have the courage, energy or self-respect to call it quits and start fresh.

If you are so unhappy in your relationship that you have a stand-up routine memorized, about how your partner fails you daily, maybe you should invest that energy into fixing the problems, instead of on your next punchline.

Sitcoms, comedians and society in general has made it normal and acceptable to joke about one’s partner. We feel more included, because other people make similar jokes, but there is usually a lot of truth or pain behind these comedic conversations.

There has to be a reason you constantly complain, so start asking yourself why it makes you feel better when you do it. People who cut their partners down have an issue with themselves, their relationship or their partner, which they are choosing to not address, but it is (seemingly) also not a big enough of an issue to leave, so why not fix it?

There is a lot of truth behind the jokes we make day to day, so be careful of who and what you mock and ridicule in your life. If your life partner is the butt of all of your jokes, what does that say about you, your relationship and how you view your partner?

I write about issues that are near and dear to my heart, with the hope that my stories, experiences, and struggles may empower others:

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