I was just talking about this with a friend recently. Adults sometimes reward themselves a little too much. Every evening you justify a treat because you made it through the bare minimum because the minimum now feels like a mountain.

It can be really easy to fall into the ‘poor me’ rut, where the desire to do anything vanishes quickly each day.

By not having a strong routine and task list, you can stay in this rut for even longer than anticipated.

I completely agree with giving yourself a day off every once in awhile, but they should more often than not, be planned days off, versus erratic days off.

Also, when the idea of going to the gym or writing just feels like too much, make the goal more manageable. Instead of a run, aim for a walk. Instead of two hours of writing, try to aim for twenty minutes and see how you feel and if you can keep going.

It is too easy to pull the plug on productivity everyday, but by planning your day out, each and every day, the desire to call it quits can be less tempting.

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