I never heard of the Hedonic Treadmill before reading this article, but now I am going to research it like crazy. I could completely see myself in the dissatisfaction of achieving a goal. I tend to get deflated less than 24 hours after achieving a goal, so now I am very aware of external goals.

Money, sure, we all want it and it seems to be the key to everything, but is it? If money was the answer to life’s problems I do not think individuals with a lot of money would struggle with depression, mental health, relationship issues and substance abuse.

Money is no the secret, but we all think it is because it provides abundant materialistic comfort. Quit looking for happiness in price tag. Happiness is in the people around you and in knowing that the work you are doing is helping others be successful as well.

Money is alluring, but like most external things, once you get what you thought you wanted, you just crave even more.

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