I Love You, But I Cannot Live My Life For You

I cannot sacrifice anymore of my years on Earth for other people’s needs, wants, desires and expectations.

I cannot live the life you expect me to lead.

I cannot live the life you need me to lead.

I cannot live the life which is easiest for you to deal with.

You can love someone and not listen to them.

You can love someone and live a life they do not understand.

You can love someone, but still respect your own boundaries.

Life was not meant to be lived by another’s viewpoint. No one on this planet knows the secret to life, so why would you succumb to another person’s opinions for the biggest decisions in your life?

Listen to your gut; you know as much as the next person does.

Listen to your gut or learn to live with regret.

Forging your own path seems scarier than it actually is. Once you start doing something, you realize that the thoughts in your head were much more conflated than the reality presented to you.

Most people do not really care what you do or how you live. We are all so self-obsessed that most of us spend more time looking at ourselves than others.

Love and respect everyone, but live on your own terms. Do not take the easy route and follow the path created by someone else; what a cheap cop out of a life which has so much potential.

You will never know your worth, unless you risk judgement from others. You will never know your greatness if you always bend to the expectations and rules of those around you.

Learn from those who are older than you, but also understand that their journey is not your own. Advice and guidance are great, but a great life requires some risk.

Always doing what you are told to do will ensure that you have a satisfactory life, but listening to yourself and going for what you truly want will ensure you a robust life, where at the end, you will be tired, glad and content.

I want to fail fabulously.

I want to fall a lot and teach others through my experiences. I want to struggle and survive it, so I can share the story. I am okay with the hardships because I am in charge, so what happens to me is in my control.

I write about issues that are near and dear to my heart, with the hope that my stories, experiences, and struggles may empower others: amanlitt.ca

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