I hear you sister. The road is a brutally bumpy one and it is super lonely. It is the most public lonely road in existence.

Someone said to me recently, “You only have twelve chances of getting pregnant in a year.” Obviously, somewhere in my mind, I already knew this fact, but being bitch slapped, across the face, with such a minuscule number freaked the shit out of me.

Twelve times? Only twelve days? How many hours is that? I went into a bad tailspin.

There is no story for the road we are on, and it is a road I would not wish on Jamal (my childhood arch nemesis) or anyone else. It is such a hard road, but we must get through it.

My mom said something to me, which always makes me smile and maybe it’ll make you smile too. She said, “Oprah never had kids and do you think she isn’t having a great life?”

So maybe we won’t have kids, or maybe we will, or maybe one of us will and the other one won’t….and maybe, just maybe, we will become Oprah’s instead.

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