I don’t think your article says anything that most people don’t already know, but it shows proof that it can work. I think people are always searching for an easy out, a quick win or the ‘secret,’ but there really is not one.

The answer is simple, but that does not mean the execution is without its effort. You have to make exercise a priority and I completely agree with you; work out in the morning, before your to-do list takes over and the excuses start to flow in.

I also think that the power of water is highly underrated in society. Drink water all the time. Drink a cup every time you come home, leave home, go to a meeting, come back from a meeting, have a meal, just drink as much water as you can.

I love reading articles like this because it reinforces that we are all capable of weighing, feeling and looking the way we want to look, but we keep searching for some secret miracle.

Walk, walk a lot, eat decently well and drink a lot of water and the rest will sort itself out.

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