I am on your team for reading fiction! The only thing sexier than writing is reading and writers must read a lot.

I find so much value in reading fiction. I have bookshelves in all of my rooms, filled with books I love and plan to love when I dive into them. I adore when someone comes over for dinner and I am able to send them off with a book which means a lot to me.

I have given away so many copies of certain books that I should be paid promotional fees, but books are everything.

I, like you, also read non-fiction, but you hit the nail on the head when you said how many books about becoming the best x, y or z can you possibly read?

I find giving myself ten to twenty minutes a day to read non-fiction early in the day allows me to stay on top of current writings in the field, but I dedicate my evenings to reading for leisure.

There is no greater feeling than reading the last sentence, on the last page of a book you adore. The sadness you feel that it is over and the gratitude you feel that you got to experience is something you cannot really describe. There are honestly some novels which I wish I could erase from my memory, just so that I could experience reading them again, for the first time.

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