I am a huge list maker. If I am stressed, when I am starting my day, or when I am preparing for something, the list is getting made.

List making can be hugely beneficial for breaking down a large project or sectioning off the hours of your work day, to ensure proper allocation of your hours, but I agree with you that sometimes making a list, just to cross stuff off of the list can be tempting.

I make it a habit that if something is going to take less than five minutes to do, instead of adding it to my list of life, I simply get the job done. Instead of adding vacuuming to my home to-do list, I just vacuum the damn room. Instead of writing down, call so-and-so back, if I know the call will be short, I just take the plunge and dial the number.

I now save my list making for ‘real’ items, rather than items that provide me with false feelings of productivity because I am able to cross them off my list of life.

I appreciate your insight on doing more and being efficient.

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