I am a huge fan of your articles. I am completing my Masters in Educational Policy Studies this year and preparing to apply for the PhD program. I was raised by parents who saw education as a religion, so it is something that I am constantly trying to accrue more and more of.

I am privileged financially though and I know that is why I have made it this far, without massive debt. My parents paid for both of my bachelor degrees. I attain tuition remissions for my courses, so my Masters is going to cost me less than $1000 of my own money in the end.

I understand the value of education, but it is a costly game. Sometimes, when I speak with colleagues who have not had the financial foundation I have had, I worry for them. I wonder if they will feel cheated in the end. I wonder if they will see their education as a detriment to their life in the long run.

As tuition fees continue to sky rocket and the cost of living chases close behind, I wonder who is deciding that education is not for them because they cannot afford it.

Then you also meet professors and Deans, who are at the top of their profession, making loads of money and they are so unhappy. Why? I do not understand. I do, but I don’t, at the same time.

The struggle is so real and money is the access card to everything in life. If you have it, great, welcome to the club, if you don’t, fake it and charge it until you make is the advice.

I write about issues that are near and dear to my heart, with the hope that my stories, experiences, and struggles may empower others: amanlitt.ca