Husbands, the Problem is Your Lack of Critical Thinking

Not Your Wife’s (Apparent) Lack of Communication



Photo by kaziminmizan Mizan on Unsplash

Wives are tired, and we need help. Society is changing, and expectations of women are changing and increasing all around us, yet the burden of unpaid work still rests on married women’s shoulders, and it is a weight men seem to hesitate to share equitably.

“(Simply) tell us what to do, and we will help you at home and with the children,” is a comment I hear so much, in so many forums from so many men and sometimes women who like traditional family and household structures.

Women? Communicate MORE?

Personally, I do not think I could be a more clear, articulate, and assertive communicator.

Why not, you, the man, start thinking critically on the home front and childcare front, a skill I see you all utilize in specific environments or with certain people with great flair, agility and confidence.

Why do wives have to tell their husbands what is needed at home?

Explain to me this, if you come home and your wife or spouse arrives home around the same time and starts cooking dinner and helping the kids with their homework, you also expect her to tell you how you can be a meaningful presence at that time and space?

Before you justify sitting on the couch and cracking a beer because your wife is giving you the ‘silent treatment’ or has not clearly communicated what you could be doing, why not do some critical thinking?

Scan the (fucking) house, bro.

Is there laundry in the dryer? That needs to be folded and put away.

Is your wife making dinner? That means we probably need someone to set up the table.

Are you all taking a vacation this weekend? Maybe you could start packing the kids’ suitcases.

The work at home is (fucking) endless, and you need us to tell you what to do? And don’t you dare go into the garage and start tinkering; that is not helping…




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