Humility Shapes Happiness

When You Are Honest About Your Life, You Will Find Consistent Happiness

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Having the humility to admit that you are not able to handle everything on your own is the catalyst to consistent happiness in life.

Having the humility to say that the way you have been living your life is not good, is even damaging and being brave enough to try something new is for the courageous.

I think that a lot of people see humility as a sign of weakness.

Many people would much rather go deeper in debt than tell a loved one, ‘I cannot afford it,’ which makes me oh so sad.

I think that a lot of people see humility as a sign of sadness.

Many people do not want to admit that what others are expecting of them is too much for them to handle, so rather than having clear boundaries, they keep on saying ‘yes’ to things they do not want.

I think that a lot of people see humility as a sign of loneliness.

Many people would much rather pretend that everything is great all of the time, rather than admitting that things are not going well and they are in fact, sad or even depressed because that makes life too real.

When you are willing to be humble you are living a life you are comfortable with, financially, emotionally and physically. You are living in a manner that works best for you and your current situation.

It can suck when you cannot afford the extra fee guacamole at lunch, be the social butterfly your friends love and adore or feel like the best version of yourself each and every day, but every day has its greatness.

If we stop spending so much time pretending everything is okay and rather learn to live within the boundaries of what is okay for us today, daily happiness no longer is some faraway concept, but something which is tangible and attainable each and every day.

I write about issues that are near and dear to my heart, with the hope that my stories, experiences, and struggles may empower others:

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