How to Overcome Your Addiction Today

Everyone is addicted to something; no one is a perfectly packaged person, flawless, inside and out.

Some of us are addicted to our phones, others their partner, or alcohol, drugs, food, exercise, lack of exercise, over cleaning or under, shopping, gaming, gossiping, laziness, success or anything and everything, this list can go on forever.

All of us have an addiction or half a dozen, which we would like to terminate from today.

Think about it and label it, “I am addicted to…” release its power by identifying it.

What are you going today to get ahead of your addiction? Think about it and find one tool that you can utilize. Tell yourself that today, you are not going to lean into your addiction, but rather embrace its existence and learn to live without it.

Identify the tool you are going to utilize and commit to getting through the day, with its support.

Reach out to one person who can support you. Call them, meet them for coffee or send them an email, telling them your goal and how they can support you. Maybe all you need is a cheerleader, a shoulder to cry on or an allie in this battle.

There are so many resources available to support us that it is overwhelming. Spend some time researching a reliable resource, which you can turn to when you are too weak to support yourself.

When your phone is buzzing on your desk and you crave to reach for it, what can you do instead? When you have posted an article on Medium, wishing it to go viral, what can you do instead of checking your stats page every fifteen minutes? When all you want to do is eat a greasy cheeseburger and throw away the healthy eating plan of the day, what can you choose to eat instead?

There is always a better option available, sometimes we just have to look a bit harder for it.

Is public speaking a trigger for you? Perhaps having a fight with your partner is your Achilles heel or the dreaded two o’clock slump is what always gets you.

Identify what your trigger or triggers are and determine how you can tackle them them today.

It can be so easy to say, “Fuck it, I will start tomorrow, today is just too stressful to add this life change to my plate.” If we actually did what we committed to doing tomorrow, all of us would be wildly successful. The romantic notion of being a better person tomorrow is what allows us to continue to be the shitty version of ourselves today. By not succumbing to this easy way out, we are telling ourselves that we will not continue on in a life we know we are greater than.

Think about waking up tomorrow, after a successful day. How will you feel? Imagine yourself tomorrow, a week, month or year from now. How does this person look? What would this version of yourself tell you? They would tell you that the journey is so worth it and to not quit, no matter how hard the road becomes.

Change is the hardest and easiest thing we can do. Initially, it is all consuming and feels like the battle will never end, but as time goes on, the battle takes up less and less time of your life. You will eventually look back and realize that you crossed the finish line a long time ago, but you were so happy, confident and energized that you did not even realize it.

Do not even give tomorrow a moment of your time. Tomorrow does not exist yet; it is simply an idea we hold in our head. Tomorrow is not in our control, but today is. Focus on today and do not dwell on the tribulations of tomorrow until it arrives. By focusing all of our energy on what we can control, on the hours we are currently consuming, we can create the tomorrow we truly want to live in.

So what? Failure is a part of the journey, but do not allow yourself to cop out to failure. Failure is something that we all experience, but it does not have to be our escape route when things go bad. Failure can and will happen, but we cannot prepare, plan or fall into it because then it is just an excuse to continue to live a half life.

Read this article again tomorrow, with a fresh set of eyes, new perspective and humble heart. Start fresh each day and remember that each day is its own unique experience. What happened yesterday will not happen again today and what will happen tomorrow is not in our control yet. Focus on each day as though it is the only day you have ever had.

What would you want the only day of your life to look like? How do you want to look back on your life?

We can either overcome our obstacles or keep ramming into them, blaming everyone, but ourselves for our own created misery.

I write about issues that are near and dear to my heart, with the hope that my stories, experiences, and struggles may empower others:

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