The Fastest Way to Success

You Do Not Have to Work Harder, but Much Smarter…

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As a person who always has multiple things on the go, I am ruthless with how and where I spend my time.

Once you start seeing each day as the valuable, irreplaceable entity it really is, you will start to drastically change how you spend your time.

The first step to reclaiming your relationship with success is to start giving yourself less time than you are comfortable with.

If our lives were over today, would we be grateful that we avoided our families, professional responsibilities and personal goals in the pursuit of procrastination and watching one more shitty episode of some television show?

When you are not ridding yourself of interruptions, distractions and unnecessary breaks, your tasks will always take three to four times the amount of time needed.

By making ourselves uncomfortable with being comfortable we will achieve goals we never thought were attainable.

Once you complete a goal, congratulate yourself.

When you start pairing down the time associated with tasks you will realize that the biggest limitation to goal completion is ourselves.

When I had the idea to write this article I gave myself three hours to write it out.

You will be amazed at what you can do with sixty minutes of precious time.

Watch how the very act of doing versus thinking about doing changes how you feel about the task, yourself and your outlook on life in general.

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