How Successful People Stay Motivated

4 min readJun 21, 2022

It can be challenging to go, go, go all of the time, but successful people are not firing at all cylinders all of the time; that is why they are able to be successful most of the time.

Being successful requires consistency on all fronts, and rest is a part of that pattern.

Being successful requires you to bounce back after a bad day. That means you get twenty-four hours or less at the pity party before it’s back to the races.

Being successful requires you to understand what makes you successful and not simply trying to mimic what makes others successful.

We are all on our own unique path, and how we learn to carve out our own success is as much a part of the journey as the success itself.

Staying motivated means understanding what you are trying to achieve, which is a lifestyle and not an end goal.

Successful people typically work very hard, but they work very hard at things they are passionate about, which embeds the work they do and are successful at into a life which they do not need to escape from.

Successful people are able to stay motivated through turbulent and affluent times because they know that the journey is unprecedented, filled with unexpected twists and turns, and they have learned to enjoy the surprise, stress and service that goes into becoming successful.

Successful people are not complainers.

When a successful person fails, they use that as a catalyst. Successful people also do not use it as a catalyst to beat some external thing or person but to be a better version of themselves than what they were yesterday and are today.

Pay attention to the complainers in your life and look at their lives.

Perspective controls how you feel about your life, and your perspective in part dictates how you feel each day which builds into the narrative of your life. Write a story which is uplifting…


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