Hey Richard,

I hear you loud and clear. It can be super hard to lose weight. I am not here to preach, but to simply state what works for me, when I feel completely unmotivated.

There are two things that always help me with weight. One, find a podcast you love and go for a walk and listen to it. Go for a ten minute walk or an hour, but it is better than the same amount of time sitting. Start slow like that, everyday a ten minute walk, and slowly add time to each walk, maybe even a minute at a time.

I also try to drink one glass of water and one glass of smoothie before each meal. It helps curb my appetite.

I know its super easy to say, “Just jump on that treadmill and burn for thirty minutes,” but we are much more willing to fail, if the bar feels too high.

Like you said, you have the time and the money to throw at the problem, that’s great! Hire someone to do the motivation part for you. Buy a vitamix and start drinking a smoothie a day. Throw money at your problem, seriously, be grateful that you can and do it. Start slow though, so you do not scare yourself away.

It’s your time right? Use it so wisely, instead of for self-loathing.

Best of luck.

I write about issues that are near and dear to my heart, with the hope that my stories, experiences, and struggles may empower others: amanlitt.ca

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