Have Women Outgrown Traditional Marriage Roles?

If You Are Earning More, Shouldn’t You Be Doing Less?

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I have been noticing a fascinating transition amongst many women I know: they are outgrowing the traditional needs of a husband.

How do we even the playing field?

I am talking about the spouse who does not walk into their house after work thinking to themselves, ‘What needs to be done?’ but rather walks into their house and believes that their day is done.

What happens to this man if their wife starts outearning them in the outside world?

Or would your male ego self-destruct at the very thought of this? Of being a homemaker?

If you are not the provider outside of the home, bringing home the bacon and not the nurturer inside the home, creating a place of comfort and peace, then what is your value?

Why should women keep you around?

I do wonder though, as more and more women that I know are starting to outearn their partners, but also continue to be the primary doer within the house when will they reach their breaking point? When will they say that enough is enough and start asking (or demanding) for more support?

As the role of women continues to evolve, when will the expectations of women start to be reevaluated as well?

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