Getting Older is Not the End of the Road

Do Not Let the Number of Candles on Your Cake Slow You Down

We might be a bit older, but we are surely not dead.

We use our age as the greatest crutch in the world.

Is your current state providing you so much comfort that you are not willing to put in the energy for positive change?

We have so much potential within ourselves, which we allow to remain dormant for years, or even forever, because we just cannot fathom putting in the energy at this age.

I use to always want to be a writer.

I did not realize that all I had to was write; I had made it much more complicated within the confines of my mind. I wrote in journals for years and years, but I never thought I was worthy or evolved enough to write for the world.

I always wanted to go back to school, to do my Masters.

I kept waiting for someone to tell me to do it. I was waiting for someone to grant me permission, that I was wise enough to go back to school. I finally stopped waiting for the green light and just took off; I will be done my Masters in December.

We spend a lot of time waiting. Waiting until we are wiser, smarter, financially secure or more emotionally stable.

Eventually, while we are waiting for our perfect self to show up, we become ‘too old’ for what we wanted.

I write about issues that are near and dear to my heart, with the hope that my stories, experiences, and struggles may empower others:

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