How to Succeed at 30 Day Challenges….Don’t Do Them

This month I was suppose to not buy chips for thirty days…I lasted four days before I grabbed a bag of ketchup chips because I ‘deserved’ it. To be honest, I was tired of the mental fight I was having with myself and gave into a short term want because the long term gain had lost its luster.

The problem with thirty day challenges is that the end date feels so far away and after a few days into the challenge, you tend to lose momentum and start to question why you even started in the first place. Ten days is a much more manageable timeline and still allows you a long enough journey for reflective practices after the challenge. It also allows you to try three different challenges each month, if you feel inclined.

I have never successfully done a thirty day challenge because thirty days can just be too hard to maintain, but I find ten day challenges more enjoyable because the countdown starts from the first day.

Good ten day challenges to try out are:

  • No take out or eating out
  • No snacks (chips etc.)
  • Thirty minute daily walk
  • 100 squats each day
  • Reading for ten minutes before bed
  • Waking up thirty minutes earlier
  • Writing everyday
  • Blogging everyday
  • Not spending any ‘extra’ money (no coffees out, no online shopping, etc.)
  • Trying a new morning routine
  • Trying a new evening routine
  • No dessert
  • Drinking eight glasses of water each day

The list of ten day challenges is endless, but to me the challenge in itself much more meaningful because I have actually accomplished it and am able to assess the goal. Ten day challenges are also great because no matter which ten days you choose, you are always going to have to get through at least one weekend and that is usually where individuals tend to struggle the most.

A ten day challenge is not a cop out, especially if you have never successfully completed a thirty day challenge. Ten day challenges are about building up to a thirty day challenge, instead of being defeated, time and time again, for not getting through thirty days of whatever your challenge was.

Try a ten day challenge tomorrow, do not wait until the start of a new month or new week, and see how it goes. By the end of the day, you will only have nine more days of said challenge to get through.

I write about issues that are near and dear to my heart, with the hope that my stories, experiences, and struggles may empower others:

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