Do Wealthy Parents Produce Lazy Adult Children?

5 min readMay 24, 2018

A friend of mine got a luxury vehicle as her graduation gift from her parents. Her dad explained to me that this vehicle was a necessity because it was much safer than normal vehicles, so this gift was not extravagant and his child was not spoiled for receiving it.

As I looked at my friend, all giddy and excited to drive her sixty thousand dollar car, I wondered, ‘Where can she go from here?’

If your standard, starting point in life is luxury, where does one have to evolve to?

My first car was a 1984 Nissan Sentra, I had a lot to evolve to, but I appreciated the drive for evolution.

Is getting too much, too early in life a detriment or an advantage?

Is the yearning and struggle for improvement the catalyst to success?

I know parents who give their children unlimited spending money, but I worry, what happens when that well dries up?

I have seen a lot of children of financially well off parents struggle in their adult life. They just cannot seem to find the focus, drive and dedication it needs to hit their own level of success.

Some of these children seem to flit from one project to the next or one program of study to the next, constantly raising and collapsing their parent’s hopes that they will finally find their own financial footing. The struggle for the young adult continues and the financial support from the parents persist as well.

Parents will argue that giving is their form of love and support, but they do not see that they are enabling their children. By enabling their children, parents teach their kids how to do as little as possible because they know their parents will pick up the slack.

Adult children who have everything given to them from their parents often lose sight of their own goals. They don’t get to experience the character-building that trying to make it on your own instills. They often have a horrible




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