Dimming Your Destiny Daily

Why are you not doing today what you committed to doing today?

I am surrounded by inspiring people. Individuals with brilliant ideas, energy and enthusiasm, but their ideas never seems to go much farther, than the initial, conversational stages.

Working for the weekend seems to be a big barrier to success.

If you want to be successful, especially in something, which is not also your nine to five, you have to find the time. If you are always working for the weekend, then I have to ask, when do you find the time to work on your passion?

My partner asked me the other if I am lonely because I spend so much time at home, alone on the weekend. Nope, not lonely, just crazy busy trying to crush my dreams.

Most people feel they deserve a break on a Friday night.

Totally fair, I get that, but a break can be….an hour, not twenty four or forty eight hours, for it to actually be considered a break.

I know so many people who want to be x, y or z, but every Friday they are the same person who texts ‘WYD?’

I always want to message back, ‘I am working on my dreams, while you are working on wasting the next eight hours at bars.’ I do not ever say that, but I feel bad for them. The bars will always be there and believe me, no night out is ever as ‘epic’ as someone tells you it is. They are all basically the same evening, spread out over endless weekends of your life, like weeds you started seeing as roses.

Sleeping in.

‘Tomorrow morning I am going to go for a run before work,’ is probably the second most commonly said lie, after ‘have you read the terms and conditions before agreeing to them?’

Just go for the damn run.

Make yourself get out of bed. Quit saying you are not a morning person because that is so sad. My partner has finally, after six years of watching me, started going to the gym before work and he is floored at how amazing you feel. It is wonderful for your mind, body and mood.

Working out early will seriously make the rest of your day seem more manageable, enjoyable and you will do everything with more confidence.

Alcohol is bad for you, but so much fun right? We would never eat fast food every day of the week, or for every meal on the weekend, but we do not blink an eye to alcohol.

A glass of wine on a weekday evening? You deserve it! Why do you deserve it? What did you actually do and why is the prize a lowered state of reality? Go have a cookie or some chips and put down the wine.

Its Friday! Time to party!

Why does party literally mean drink? We cannot seem to separate social enjoyment and alcohol, at all, so I think we need to start challenging this notion. I am not drinking right now and it is hard.

It is socially hard to constantly explain why you are drinking sparkling water and it is personally hard because I have conditioned myself to unwind with wine.

Wine, the friend I go to when I am tired, down, angry, happy, bored….the friend for everything.

How did that happen? I am putting a break on our friendship and now finding that my ‘friend’ took up a lot of my time, always way more than I anticipated.

Watching too much television.

I love television, ask anyone who knows me, but I no longer watch it endlessly. I schedule time, maybe an hour before bed for my tube time, but that is it. I have too much to do to sit around watching other people doing fictitious things.

Being to busy to meditate.

No one is too busy to meditate, ever. No excuses, just meditate everyday.

I am not going to preach on a practice, which has been in existence for centuries. If you think it is pointless, you must be one enlightened being, having evolved past such a lifelong hurdle, and sign me up for whatever you are selling.


Super fun and one of my favourite pastimes, but what I have noticed is that when I am gossiping a lot, it is usually because I am discontent with myself. I am trying to stop myself from this bad habit because I want to stop spending so much time, talking shit about other’s lives, and start spending said time living my life.


Being social is very important. It makes us feel good to be connected and it is important to schedule in quality time for it, but within reason. If every hour, outside of your work, is dedicated to seeing friends and family, you have no time left to spend with yourself. Spending time alone is where I have learned the most about myself, why I do what I do and why I avoid things I want to be doing.

Being in debt.

Stop spending money on crap you can’t afford. It is stressful and when you are stressed out, you become reactionary and cannot focus on the things you truly want.

Decrease your debt, and live a more holistic life. You can decrease or, at least quit increasing your debt by going out less, not drinking and spending more time on your personal projects. So many of these ideas go hand in hand.

Not spending money on your passion.

Before you make money you are probably going to have to spend a fair bit of cash yourself. If you are not willing to invest in yourself, why the hell should I invest in you? It makes no sense.

Spending too much time hanging out with your SO.

Stop the nonstop movie nights, lounging on the couch, watching episode after episode of Orange is the New Black. I love my partner and I love television, so I carve out an hour of my evening for it, but nothing much more than that.

I get it, it is so comforting to simply hang out with someone, but comfort is contagious. It can be hard to gain momentum, when you have spent the last eight hours on the couch.

Reading self-help books.

I love reading self-help books, but you have to actually help yourself afterwards. I sometimes feel, especially when I am down and out, I am spending far too much time reading about being motivated, rather than following through with the activities of doing work via motivation.

Being proud of immature traits in yourself.

“I don’t cook.”

This phrase is my personal pet peeve. What does it exactly mean to say you do not cook? Cooking is a pretty wide skill and if you cannot do any of it, does that mean you cannot make toast? Or heat up soup?

Quit being proud of yourself for not having the basic skills all human beings should have; it is not cute or funny, but rather really sad and pathetic.

Cooking, cleaning, basic car maintenance, basic household maintenance, and budgeting are all things everyone should know how to do and not just one person, if you are in a partnership.

Quit limiting yourself by just expecting yourself to make it through, yet another day. Make the day your day and own it. Fully embrace it and make the most of it. Embrace the downtime, respect yourself and work hard, work really, really hard. It is so easy to slide another item onto tomorrow’s to-do list, but the feeling of freedom you get, when you cross it off your list, is so worth it. Just get it done and make your life as bright as you believe it can be.

I write about issues that are near and dear to my heart, with the hope that my stories, experiences, and struggles may empower others: amanlitt.ca

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