Deb, thank you for the much appreciated constructive criticism. I completely agree with you, regarding the title, and have played around with quite a few titles for many of my entries. To be perfectly honest, I do it to see what generates the most interest and why.

I have edited the title, so thanks for the recommendation and I do agree, people in their 20s should not be called children, ever.

I do not have biological children of my own yet, but I have had the title of legal guardian and primary care giver to children and young adults over my life. I also use to be a high school teacher and now work in a post secondary institution, so I spend a lot of time with teenagers and young adults.

Also, as a graduate student myself, I see the struggle many other young adults are having around me and how the support they are receiving can sometimes be stifling. I have been doing a lot of research regarding mental health issues on campus and sometimes the unsupported students are students from wealthy families, with a lot of ‘stuff’ because they should be ‘fine,’ but depression, anxiety and feeling worthless actually can be perpetuated by being too financially supported by your family. That is a very short statement and is loaded, but I would be happy to delve deeper into the topic with you, if it is an interest of yours.

I am not meaning to chastise parents with this article; as a young adult who was fiscally supported a lot by her parents, it is a topic I research and discuss a lot. I feel that people believe that support means being there to cushion every fall or every discomfort, but a lot of discomfort helps build character, in my opinion. I agree that there is a balance and the answer is not black and white.

I am also try to write a variety of articles, with a range of tone, so I appreciate if it sounded like a ‘don’t do this, do that’ speech, but it is all experimentation.

I am glad it triggered you to read it, and I am glad you aired your thoughts.

I write about issues that are near and dear to my heart, with the hope that my stories, experiences, and struggles may empower others:

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