Dealing with the Meanies on Medium

I have been a member of Medium since April of last year and in the past six months or so I have seen a large uptick in the sheer amount of comments I read which are completely useless.

It is very easy to tell that the person, hiding behind some random pseudonym name, usually has not even bothered to read the article in its entirety before blasting off their opinions into the cyberworld.

More than one person (man) has told me I must be some sad, lonely cat lady for writing such pieces.

My issue is not at all at being called out for problems in my writing, actually, I love constructive criticism and have received a lot of really useful feedback from readers on this site.

Have these comments ever made you feel shitty?

Have these comments ever made you hesitate before hitting publish on a piece of writing?

Firstly, see if their argument is even valid.

Secondly, check out their writing.

In the beginning, I felt that every comment I receive should exist on its own.

I still publish pieces that I have not fully wrapped my head around because sometimes sending it out into the universe and getting feedback from others is exactly what I needed.

Use this medium (pun intended) for the exact reason you started with.

Medium is a wonderful site and I feel there are some individuals on here simply to make themselves feel better than those of us trying, but do not let them deter you because the greater population on this site are here to encourage, support and cheer on.

I write about issues that are near and dear to my heart, with the hope that my stories, experiences, and struggles may empower others:

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