Surviving Life by Self-Soothing and Calling it Self-Care

Are You Lying to Yourself Because it is Easier than Working on Yourself?

If what you did in the name of self-care makes you feel worse, more detached from your life and increases your stress, then it was not an act of self-care.

Your night of self-soothing masked as self-care has actually worsened your life, not bettered it, thereby reinforcing that it was not self-care.

The difference between self-soothing and self-care is that self-soothing keeps you exactly where you are, allowing you the ability to deflect, avoid or hide from your life, while self-care elevates you to a higher level, it makes you better in the short and long term.

When spending money you do not have, avoiding responsibilities which are significant, and hiding from life becomes your self-care routine you have fallen into a rut, which will take work to get out of.

For self-care to work, there has to be an 80/20 split. 80% of the time you are making the right decisions, the tough decisions, to take care of yourself. The other 20% of the time perhaps you are taking the self-soothing route, where you do not answer the phone for a night, take a personal day, or eat that piece (or pieces) of cake and cry a little.

I write about issues that are near and dear to my heart, with the hope that my stories, experiences, and struggles may empower others:

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