A Champagne-Less Celebration for Two…No, Cancel That…For One…

9 min readAug 3, 2018

The Celebration Story that Shattered a Friendship of Ten Years

The texts were eagerly pouring in from a girlfriend of mine. I had just finished wrapping up my final project for a class I was taking and it was Friday afternoon. The incessant buzzes from my phone would not let me forget the fact that the weekend was looming before us, with all its potential.

“Are you finally done that bloody paper?” was the first text from her that I read.

“Yes, yes,” I responded back, smiling at my phone, “What oh what shall I do with all my free time?”

The buzz of her response came back before I even put my phone back down on the table, “A celebration always calls for champagne! I am done work in thirty and will be over in sixty!”

I loved the comfort of our relationship; the no need for permission because our doors were always open for one another.

“Sounds great!” I texted back, “Champagne for my favourite friend and takeout for me! I am not drinking right now, but I promise to eat my weight in Thai food with you.”

Silence. The anticipated buzz back of a response did not come. The conversation had suddenly fallen silent. I had derailed her Friday night dream with my damaging statement: I am not drinking tonight.

Ten long minutes later, she responded, “Not drinking? Why?”

I had responded to so many similar texts and in-person conversations, such as this lately, that I felt I was sending her back a canned response, “I am training for that race, remember? And honestly, I am just enjoying the break, so I’m going with it. Bring the champagne for yourself and I will order our takeout to be here in an hour. No seafood, but you are game for everything and anything else, right?”

The dialogue had been derailed by my discourse and this time for even longer….I decided to send another message to continue the now one-sided conversation.

“I am going to order those spicy appetizers we love so much, what are they called again? I always forget.”


I was starting to feel desperate, but I did not feel I should. ‘She must be driving,’ I thought to…




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