5 Ways to Overcome Jealousy for Self-Improvement

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I very rarely feel jealous in life and when I do, I detest it. It is the worst feeling in the world because not only does it do nothing positive for you, it makes you feel negatively about another person’s success, which is terrible.

Being jealous is pointless because no matter how rich, beautiful, successful, funny, smart, talented or glamorous you are (or think you are) there is someone else who is (probably) beating you.

It is very rare to be the absolute best of something, so why not be the best you can be? Do not get jealous over another person’s beauty because honestly, does that make their face jump onto yours? It doesn’t, so why even waste a second thinking about what they have versus what you do not have.

Some things in life we cannot change, but many things we can. The problem with change is that we all want to be ten pounds lighter, with a six figure salary and a brand new vehicle by tomorrow. Well….I am not trying to be negative, but that probably is not going to happen, so let’s play the long term gains over short term wants game.

  1. Understand why you are jealous. What is it that this person has or does that makes you feel short changed? How do you feel short changed? What is the underlying reason for your jealousy? Are you discontent in your job? Do you wish you had more money? Do you want to travel more? Do you wish you were in better shape? Figure out the source of the jealousy, find out what you want to better in your life and instead of focusing on the jealousy, focus on self-improvement.
  2. Pay attention to what or who makes you jealous. Is there a pattern? Is there a specific situation or type of person that brings out the worst in you? Figure out what this pattern is and what is causing it. By learning more about what causes these emotions within you, you will better be able to control them.
  3. Start each day with gratitude. Think of three things, people or events you are grateful for each and everyday and your life and your world will grow exponentially. I am always extremely excited over a great cup of coffee. It is the simple things in life people…we ignore them, but seriously…give me a cup of coffee over a Ferrari any day of the week.
  4. Stop dreaming big and start doing big. Thinking about being rich, successful, athletic, ambitious, whatever your ‘thing’ is not as productive as making daily strides to achieving your think. Most people spend a lot of time dreaming and talking about how they are going to ‘make it’ one day. People who ‘make it’ many times started off from very humble beginnings, so simply start and remember that success takes time. Stop thinking, start doing.
  5. Reflect on where you were five years ago and how far you have come. Do this process often and you will be surprised at your progress. It also helps with step #3 because it shows how overnight success is never overnight, but once you achieve it, you’re usually so busy with the next thing on your list of life that you hardly notice that achieved this huge goal in your life.

Focus on progress. Focus on your own life. Learn to see other people’s success as motivation for yourself, rather than something to bring you down. Do not compare, rather work together and collaborate with people who inspire you. When we try to do everything ourselves, for our own personal gain, we achieve much less because we are much better when we are all working, learning and succeeding together.

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