40 Recommendations from 4 Decades of Experience

11 min readAug 6, 2022

Life is a series of lessons; we can all learn and grow together. Sharing lived experiences is empowering for the self and others.

Here is to hoping you find something in this list of life recommendations that speaks to you today, helps uplift you out of a tough spot or simply makes you smile.

1. I would rather be respected for my intelligence than adored for my beauty.

People who adore you will grow tired of you but people who respect you will work with you, build with you and succeed with you for life. Respect grows and strengthens over time. Beauty…can be maintained at best.

A relationship built on respect flourishes with time and only strengthens. A relationship built on infatuation fades away as the harsh glare of reality continually shines on it.

2. Fighting the aging process is a silly battle that no one has yet to win, so do not participate in the madness.

The sooner you embrace how you look and how your body is aging, the more time, money and energy you will have to actually live in the moment, rather than trying to run from the inevitable.

A wrinkle is not something we should be wasting time, money or energy trying to hide or minimize, but something we should embrace.

I love the art of aging; a person who is comfortable in their own skin is a powerful being.

3. Eating foods you enjoy will not make you unhealthy, but eating unhealthy amounts of them will.

Enjoy food, do not see it as an enemy, but also create a diet that allows you to thrive physically and mentally.

What you eat is such an important part of how you live and how you feel.

4. If there is only one truth to life, I would say that it is moderation on…




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