3 Ways to Stop Fighting with Your Spouse

How to Strengthen your Marriage and Move into a More Sustainable Relationshiop

5 min readMay 30, 2022


Marriage is hard.

Marriage takes a lot of work.

Marriage can be very unfulfilling and lonely during certain chapters.

Marriage is something some people regret.

But if you are reading this, you are trying to make your marriage or common-law relationship work, which is great news.

It is great news because for all of the work and problems in a marriage there are amazing components which will us to continue to work on them, again and again.

How can we make our marriages more successful?

1. Define what success looks like for you and your life.

Do not define your relationship based on your parent’s relationship, what you see in movies or what you think society expects it to be, but entirely for yourself.

What do you need to be fulfilled?

For example, for me, a successful marriage is someone who shares the household and parental responsibilities 50/50.

I do not need someone who buys me fancy, expensive gifts, but I do need someone who can cook a meal, clean a house and take care of our child without calling or considering it ‘babysitting.’

Figure out what a fulfilled partnership means to you, the top three things you are looking for and focus on those and get rid of the rest, it’s just noise.

For me, my top three areas of fulfillment are shared household and childcare responsibilities, relaxing and unwinding together and trust.

Those three things are what bring me joy in my partnership.

Other people or I fulfill the other needs I have, not my partner.

2. Assess what you are trying to change in your spouse and why.

Are you trying to make them better with money? Do you wish they were more romantic? Would it be nice if they…




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