10 Ways to Slay the Day

Success Requires Small, Significant Changes Done Daily

9 min readMay 27, 2022


It can be exhausting to be efficient or think of ways to be more efficient.

It can feel overwhelming to do more when you feel you are too busy to do anything meaningful.

I used to react to the world around me instead of engaging with it in a meaningful way. I used to feel like life was happening to me instead of the other way around. I used to blame the external pressures for my internal dissatisfaction and that only went away when I started taking actual accountability for my life.

It can be easy to lose days, weeks, months, and even years to a routine that is not improving or challenging you but only getting you through the day. It is painful to be in this rut, and hopefully, these simple solutions will help it be even easier.

1. Meditate.

Stop! Do not breeze past this recommendation because it is essential.

We always think that being successful equates to doing work every minute of consciousness, and it is simply not true. I used to work from dawn until dusk. I used to pride myself and brag about working twelve to fourteen-hour days, waking up and checking my inbox before even getting out of bed; I was fine with checking my phone every time it ‘pinged’, and I would sacrifice (literally) anything for the sake of work.

I work much more manageable hours now, and I am more successful at work because of it.

This success is hinged on the fact that I start each day with fifteen minutes of meditation. That practice has now morphed into breathwork throughout the day, visualization, positive thinking, being in the moment and meditating when stressed.

Meditation has changed how I engage with the world. Correction, meditation has allowed me to engage with the world because before, I was simply reacting to it. I am calmer, take more time responding to external events and spend time reflecting and processing and trying to understand what I think about and why…




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